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Looking At Apartments in the USA

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Q: A husband and a wife are looking at a floor plans. which room are they going to see?

A: How about this one? It’s got a nice, big living room.

B: Hmm, I like a big living room, but I want a parking space.

A: Let’s see… how about this one?

B: Yes, that’s nice. Should we go see this one?

A: Wait a second, Isn’t the closet a bit too small?

B: Good point, Hmm, there doesn’t seem to be one that’s perfect… Wait, How about this one?

A: It’s got everything we need, doesn’t it? And the closet is pretty large, too. Let’s go see this one!

B: Okay!

Reserving a Room in English

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A man is making a reservation at hotel. Which room is he going to stay in?

A: Seaside Hotel, how may I help you?

B: Hi, I’d like to stay for one night on September 22nd.

A: Certainly. One night from September 22nd. How many people?

B: Two.

A: Would you like a smoking room or a non-smoking room, sir?

B: Non-smoking.

A: The only non-smoking room available on that day is a mountain view romm, Is that okay?

B: Well, I was hoping for an ocean view room..

A: I’m sorry, but the only ocean view room available on that day is smoking room.

B: I see… It there a non-smoking ocean view room available on September 23rd?

A: Yes, there is!

B: Okay, we’ll stay on September 23rd.

At the Hairdresser in the USA

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A woman is talking to her haristylist. How would like to change her hair?

A: Hi, May I help you?

B: Hi, I’ve got a 3 o’clock reservation for Richie.

A: Ah yes, welcome Ms. Richie. Please come this way. What can I do for you today?

B: I’d like to change my hair style a little bit.

A: Okay, What length would you like?

B: About shoulder length.

A: Alright, and what about your bangs?

B: Keep the bangs.

A: Straight down down or parted on the side?

B: To the side a bit.

A: Which side?

B: Maybe a little left from the middle.

A: Got it! we’ll start with a shampoo, so please come this way.

Reading English Job Postings

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A male and female student are looking at job advertisements. Which job is the female student going to apply for?

A: Hey, What do you think about this job? They hourly pay is pretty high.

B: Sure, the pay looks great, but could you really do a newspaper delivery route?

A: Of course! I’m good at riding bikes. But I’m worried about waking up early…

B: What about this one? The pay isn’t as high, but you can work 2 or 3 days a week and start working from evening.

A: Oh, this one? A supermarket cashier,huh? Well, it would be good to work after school.

B: This one for coffee shop might be good, too.

A: Oh yeah, I love that plece! and it’s on my way to school.

B: Not bad, hub?

A: Hmm… Which one should I apply to?

B: Which twois it between? The coffee shop and the newspaper delivery route?

A: Yeah, the pay for newspaper route is really nice. …Okay! my mind’s made up! I guess I’ll just have to get up early.

Shopping for an Outfit in the USA

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A woman is trying on a dress and talking to a shop clerk. Which dress is she going to buy?

A: It looks very nice on you. And it fits perfectly.

B: Yeah, it fits… but I usually wear plain colors. I’m not used to this kind of a pattern.

A: Well, I think you look great.

B: Yeah? Still, it would take some courage for me to actually wear this…

A: What about this dress, then? The pattern is much more reserved so it won’t feel as flashy.

B: You’re right, let me try that one on.

A: Go right ahead. What do you think, ma’am?

B: The one suits me much more than the last. Do you have a long-sleeved version with this design?

A: Yes, we do.

B: Thanks, I’ll buy that!

Discussing a Document in English

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A president and his assistant are talking on the phone. Which document is the assistant going to deliver to the sales department?

A: Hey, could you do me a favor? There’s a document on my desk, and I need you to deliver it to the sales department.

B: Sure, Which one is it?

A: I think it’s in a blue envelope.

B: A blue envelope… Well, there are two envelopes on your desk.

A: Ah, right there should be a red tamp in the upper right corner of the envelope. The other one should have a green stamp, but it’s the orientation guid we hand out to new employees.

B: The one with the red stamp… Okay, got it.

A: Great, please deliver it to the sales department by 1:00. And make sure you give it to the manager directly. You know him, right?

B: Yes, We’ve met several times.

A: Good. And while you’re at it, could you deliver the other evnelope to HR?

B: Sure thing.

Reporting a Lost Item in English

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A woman is calling a restaurant on the phone. At which table was she having lunch?

A: Hello. How can I help you?

B: Hi… I was at your restaurant for lunch today, and I think I left my scarf there.

A: You left your scarf at the table? Do you remember where you were seated?

B: Well… it was in the back of the restaurent.

A: Were you in the smoking area or the non-smoking area?

B: The non-smoking area.

A: How big was your table?

B: It was a table for four people.

A: OK, I’ll go check. Please wait for a moment.

B: Thank you so much.

Looking for an Apartment in The USA

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A man is looking for an apartment. Which apartment is he probably going to choose?

A: Hi there, I’m looking for an apartment. Could you show me some floor plans?

B: Sure thing. Will you be living alone?

A: No, I’m married, and we’re looking for a one-bedroom apartment with a study.

B: Okay, how about this one? There are two rooms plus a living room. It’s near a busy street, though, so it might not be very quiet.

A: I see, I usually work at home, so I need quiet place place. And I’d perfer the living room to be square shaped.

B: Well, how about this one, It’s located a bit far from downtown, but it’s in a quiet residential area. There are two rooms and living room, but one of the room is a little small.

A: Hmmm… We don’t have too much stuff, so this one might work for us.

B: We can show you another apartment with bigger rooms, but it’s located further from downtown.

A: No, thank you, Let’s have a look at the second one you showed me.

Choosing a Cake in The USA

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A woman is ordering a birthday cake. Which cake is she going to order?

A: Excuse me, I’d like to order a birthday cake for my daughter.

B: Great! Could you tell me what kind of cake you’re looking for?

A: My daughter likes chocolate, so I think a chocolate cream cake would be good. And can you put strawberries on it?

B: Absolutely! We have round and square cakes. Which one would you perfer?

A: Hmmm… A round one, please.

B: Okay, How old is your daughter going to be?

A: She’ll be twelve.

B: Okay, then we’ll get twelve candles ready. Do you want to write a message?

A: Yes, please write, “Happy Birthday.”

B: Alright, and do you want that written in pink? If so, we’ll put it on a white plate. Otherwise, we can write it in white, and put it on a pink plate.

A: Please write it in pink and put it on a white plate.